Monday, November 22, 2010

You brought Protection?

.....Cancer is not contagious but you might think it is. Some people didn't want to see me because I was falling apart, others wanted to see me because I was falling a part! The strongest guy on the block, leaping buildings with a single bound, I had found myself surrounded by Kryptonite! You bathe to wash it off; you look into the mirror to wish it away. You know you can do this, there are a few bad cells surrounded by millions of healthy cells. It should be an easy fight! It was a freight train coming through the night and I was tied to the tracks.
I was new to this world of blogging and hadn't discovered the shared community, the thousands of us tied to these same tracks, hearing their stories, their struggles, their survival, and most important to me, their laughter and indignation, "How dare this train come my way!"
The entire train trip is HERE, read it backwards.
Sharing the experience makes it all easier, learning helpful tips on eating, dressing, and just getting up in the morning and it is like winning the lottery in a way. You will reunite with lost friends and make new ones from around the world.
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  1. StonePost this is not something I will do tonight as I have some of my own 'catching up' to do. I will take time to understand, and absorb, your written word as I get to know you through your writing. You deserve the very best of me and it will be an honour to give it....

  2. Its a rough life, and no-one said it has to be fair. If it was, a kind soul like you would never have had to go through what happened to you - but you're turning bad into good by sharing. Thank you.

  3. It is an adventure... I found you via Pamo... I'm a cancer survivor ... 3 1/2 years now (funny how you revert to childhood in counting half years).. Every day is a blessing... and so I started keeping journals...(in actual books) every day, not about the cancer, more about me and the stuff I do and love so that my grand Children will know what their grand mother was secrets and all, I found out last year that my Mom found my grandmothers journals... so she was a journal keeper too... I can't wait for my Mom to pass those precious books to me :-)

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  5. Thank all of you, and Pamo, that kind of talk goes right to my head!