Monday, November 8, 2010


That is next! It has been five years and they want more money! I have been here, done that, and it is the cleansing process, that "clean as a whistle" thing that is the worst about this whole procedure. When they say don't leave the house or get far from the bathroom, they mean it!!! The actual filming of my insides my plumber could do. He has the same tools, that fancy camera he snakes down my drain to find what is plugged up. We don't have National Health in the U.S.A., we are on our own, paying cash or if we are lucky a private health insurance.
I am very lucky! My cancer experience cost well over $130,000 DOLLARS! and my insurance paid all of it except the first $1,000. That is the real reason for this colonoscopy. That
fifteen minutes of being on camera costs $2,500!!! but since it is still this year and I have already paid the $1,000 deductable, the insurance company will foot the bill.
I might feel different if my doctor was a hot babe fresh out of medical school but he is an old
craggie doctor who has seen a thousand assholes! LOL!!!! It is a warehouse environment with a lot of waiting patients and he can do 24 in a day. Do the math, someone is getting rich!


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  2. Guess we know there will never be a cure for cancer. Imagine how many would be out of a job! And. What would they do with all those machines that roll on arouind the clock testing and treating?.
    Sorry. Must be having one of my 'cynical' days.
    Went for Doppler to check out blood clot and they could not find the veins thanks to radiation damage.
    Just read your neuropathy post. Sorry sort of does not do it but I will say it anyway. Sorry to hear of your problems. Seems to be common after affect with some of the chemo drugs;

  3. Hope it goes off well. Much respect for maintaining your wonderful sense of humour.