Wednesday, November 24, 2010

None of the Above!

I tend to put things in perspective. One of the stages you go through with cancer is the

"Why Me?" stage. That is sort of funny, there are probably a thousand reasons where I could have gotten cancer. Yes, I admit, I have had water from a plastic bottle! I confess to liking bacon and other smoked processed meats. My socks are only 50% cotton and the rest, OMG, could be anything. I don't even know what I have put on or in or near my body, unpronounceable

things for sure. I have learned that if you can't pronounce it you probably shouldn't eat it and that seems like a pretty simple rule. I am not even talking hotdogs here, we all know what is in them, but what do they really put in ice cream? We are importing food now from China! God knows what kind of murky waters that fish sandwich you ate were swimming in! Antifreeze is sweet, cheaper than sugar, and it is put into toothpaste!!!

What is funny is that I have smoked for forty seven years, have always spray painted without a mask, I weld in an almost sealed shop ( I leave a window open!) and and I never wear gloves or protective gear for anything! I have lived a very dangerous life and NONE of this "caused" my cancer! The voodoo doctors just don't know!

The dinosaurs lived on this planet for millions of years, humans, as we might recognize them,

for maybe 25,000. That is perspective. I see the war veterans coming home in wheel chairs and worse, I see very little children going through this same chemo-cure that I am and I see the homeless, the people who consider themselves "lucky" if they are living in their cars and that is perspective. I know there will be very hungry people, fighting the cold tomorrow when I am

feasting on a big turkey dinner with a few chemicals added. That is perspective!


  1. I am very grateful that you were helped by the chemo.
    A relative of my wife's, a young man with much vitality, was diagnosed with cancer upon cancer. Several doctors said it was too late to do anything and he had only a few months to live. That turned out to be the case.
    One voodoo doctor, however, said chemo would work. With a little hope the man started the treatment, making him feel worse than he had ever felt, but still with a small amount of hope.
    Then end result is that the man's last days were much worse that they could have been, all because of the money gained from the chemo treatment.It's too bad that the greed of the medical profession has gone this far. What happen to the creed of "do no harm"?

  2. Edwin, I truely don't know what "last straw" we would be willing to grasp just to spend a little more time on this planet. I have met lots of cancer survivors who, although thankful that they pulled through and won the battle, would not be willing to do it again, or be able to muster the strength. You can live dieing or die living, that is about it.Thanks for your insightful comment.

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  4. StonePost I would like to think that common sense plays a part and balance is important.
    I am concerned about the food chain. I believe we are 'designed' to eat food 'in season' and 'grown locally'
    Where to from here? The multi-nationals bring it in from overseas making huge profits and with no concern for consumers

  5. THIS is rather wonderful although I think you might finish your story long before mine dear Jerry. I eagerly wait for the next chapter, you are re-creating a golden age that has sadly disappeared in crass materialism and draconian governments!