Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dancing Girls and...

campfires and midnight kisses! That is what I wanted! I wanted out. Out of this madness, out of the cancer and out of the voodoo world I had been in, all encompassing and surrounding me in an insanity of sickness. It would be nice but marijuana doesn't really do that for you. Mainly I knew if I wasn't going to eat I was going to die. Not to be rude but I hadn't had a crap in over twelve days! There just wasn't anything in there to come out. The tiny bit of food I gave my body it wanted to keep. The synthetic marijuana pills helped a little bit. but they had removed all the "good stuff" from them and they were very expensive. I had absolutely nothing to lose, I was grasping at comfort. I got three "joints" for $20, sat down here and lit one up!

If you are not a smoker it will make you cough. The trick is to get it into your lungs and hold it there. Try a smaller breath but hold it if you can. Three or four puffs later you will get the hang of it and by then you will like it. Now, I don't want to misdirect you or lie to you in any way. Nothing beats bon fires, midnight madness, dancing girls and a fine single malt scotch!

Years and years ago, maybe twenty five, I was given some cookies, chocolate chip with walnuts, my favorite! That is all I knew about them and being the compulsive I am I ate three or four at one go. Twenty minutes later I knew something was very wrong. My head was spinning, the leaves and their trees would not stand still, and just everything was moving slowly.
Another twenty minutes and I remembered my college days, experimenting with marijuana. Then I knew what was in the cookies and knew I should only have had one!
Marijuana has never appealed to me, no drugs have. There is a particular loss of control
that has always been important to me that you lose while taking drugs. I like every 24 hours in a day and marijuana can make them seem like 40 or 16, altering time, surreal to the extreme.
One can sit and stare at a leaf for hours, not really thinking much, maybe feeling more, maybe not, and then this silence gets broken up with uncontrollable laughter! and here is the key part:
then you are hungry!
Pain will go away. I was lucky with my cancer in that I never had much pain except for my right hand which always feels, even today as I type this blog, as if it were stirring a bucket of cut glass. Marijuana will make all that disappear. The medical community and our society have long denied the "clinical trials" that marijuana users have known for a century. It can be fun so it has to be bad! I am still hunting for that doctor that makes chemo from fine brandy!
I really wanted to eat. My doctor wanted me to eat and he was worried. So, I did it and it was all pretty much like the above, a little laughter at nothing really, a lot of lost time, just a pleasant getting lost experience.
The next morning I went to breakfast with a friend! A real breakfast with real food! I had ham and eggs with gravy on the hashbrown potatoes and I ate everything except the toast!



  1. As a recreational user, I occasionally feel guilty that I'm using something that really should be a medicine, but I know it isn't me that gave it a bad name. The 'bad name' says that it will make you uncontrollable and likely to do irresponsible things, commit violence and all manner of indiscretions. That happened because courts of law allow being stoned as a mitigating circumstance - so every now and then, a criminal uses it as such - even though its far more likely to make one go to sleep then kill someone. Its also supposed to be a great excuse for under-achievement, but looking at my academic record, I can tell you that that's just another case of people trying to blame an outside factor for their own failings. I do hope that this herb will be recognized for its therapeutic properties at some point - before the invention of Aspirin, Cannabis was widely recognized as a 'safe' pain killer and appetite stimulant.

  2. Well, my maundering friend, it is our Christian background. If it feels good it has got to be bad!

  3. My life changing comment?
    I say ...'we ARE the Choices we make'. and I choose not to.! someone else chooses different?
    So be it. not a problem for me..
    But many years ago I remember my Dad saying 'drugs are going to be the ruination of this country..' I think he was on to something way back.... he wasn't a narrow minded, tunnel vision kind of person. I know he tried it once..
    Yes, my Dad was a very smart man.

  4. Well, Barbra, my choice was to do it and eat!
    I promise you I hated it, each and every time!

  5. No Jerry I wasn't condemning you ... I understand why you had to do it. I'm talking about recreational use... You had No Choice! and I'm glad you did what you had to .. so that your here with us .. You have a good heart and the world is a better place with you in it.

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