Thursday, November 11, 2010

Clean as a Whistle

For those of you curious I am all pink and clean inside! I watched the whole procedure on television, my fifteen minutes of fame! I am the "one in a week" who chooses to do this without anesthesia, that is about one out of 125! I escaped the '60' without getting too involved with drugs (okay, a little which I may tell you about later!) and I escaped this drug too. I already have crevasses and crannies in my brain that I can explore at will, I don't need any help. I was naked on the bed and "I just left". Except for my eyes glues to the television screen I was not there at all, probably in some warm water snorkeling with the fish! It is not really that I am a tough guy,
it did hurt a couple of times, like cramps, nothing like giving birth I would imagine, not as bad as smashing your hand with a hammer and it only lasts ten seconds or so.

I have just recovered (still in the process really) from Hodgeskin's Lymphoma and if I am to be attacked again by cancer I wanted to see my enemy! You have to be awake to do that.

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  1. Good news! Just be careful about where you whistle from. I don't think its polite if its lymph glands :) Long may pinkness reign!