Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bitch and Moan

That seems to be what I have been doing lately! I complain about the neuropathy in my hands that leaves them both numb and feeling as if they have been stirring a bucket full of cut glass. I can barely pick up a paint brush and can't feel it in my hands when I do. I really want to be 17 again or maybe 43? Sometime previous to this cancer and the horrendous voodoo cure. I want to get well fast! Well, it is a slow process and it is interesting how quickly I forget where I have been, literally at the edge of Hell, a frail old man looking over the abyss! My friends are just now finding the courage to tell me how bad I looked. I can reread my own blogs, this journal

I keep to realize where I have been and how lucky I am. The actual Day to Day encounters can be found on my ArtWanted Site and when I complain now I go back there and remember what it was really like!


  1. You are not on your own StonePost. Sometimes I really believe the cure is worse than the disease. Or is it? Probably because I cannot know what my life would have been like without the treatment..

  2. I really believe that your unshakable will to 'get well fast' is your greatest strength - but each day is the 'now' and sometimes the now is uncomfortable and frustrating. You've every right to feel that, no matter what else you've been through. My greatest respect to you.