Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday!

God knows we need more STUFF! Lots more! For thirty-five years I made my living building additions to accomodate "more stuff"! The funny thing is, over this time, most of that "stuff" is gone, making its way, broken and tattered and no longer wanted, to the local landfill.
The additions remain, still there and strong and waiting to be filled with more stuff! I don't know where we get this need from, to fill that empty space, that cavity we all have. with crap.
These days most of this "STUFF" is imported from China, really, like 98% of it! Thank God for small favors, huh? We can buy it cheap, on sale even, cheap enough to throw it away when it no longer entertains us! Life is grand and we can go shopping!
The worst jobs I ever had were from people in their fifties. Their children were long gone,
half way across the country, building their own additions for more stuff. They created this family and raise these kids in a three bedroom house with one bathroom and now they are gone.
Now they want the extra bathroom and a family room! NOW, for just the two of them, they want the bigger house and I always suspected it is so they can become farther apart! This is a trouble job and having done a couple of them, I am a little leery. These people want me to make them happy! Their life-long dream of having a big house with lots of bathrooms and a big family room is all on my shoulders, now, at a time when they no longer need it, and all to be filled with more stuff!
Mostly I would try to talk them out of it. How about a trip to Paris? or at least Hawaii or
some adventure that would endure, become memories and maybe even bring them closer together, a shared experience!
I give consumables for Christmas, stuff that can be used up and enjoyed, tasted and shared.
I like Calendars that last twelve months and are gone! Chocolate, coffee and tea, a spice collection, cheeses and any wonderful foods.
No cancer stories today folks, I am in the Holiday spirit!


  1. And I wish you a happy holiday Jerry. I am lucky my life is not so full of stuff I am not a collector of stuff but my life is full of wonderful things that I have been given and cherish. Today I got an original get well card and my heart is full of joy.

  2. I have so much 'stuff' I don't want to talk about stuff... I try to ignore the 'stuff' and I've instructed my daughter to just burn the house down when I die nothing but stuff here. Oh the Capt is not military, it's a USCG license to captain a 100 ton vessel... with 6 passengers... commonly called a 6 pack license. So that's the story on that... and thanks for the tip about listing prices... might be fun for me to look back on too.

  3. Well, Captain, I suspect there is more to this story and your grandchildren (and me!) will want to hear it!
    Ralph, an original card from an artist is always nice and I am glad you are getting better and better! The mountains are waiting for you!

  4. Today, the so called Black Friday is a day I stay in the house. I would not go out in that madness if you paid me... Not now, not then , not ever... What unnecessary craziness !

  5. I just found your blog and I like it!! Here in Canada we don't have Black Friday but next year I want to join in the party too somewhere in the USofA....
    Have a look-see at my blog.
    Thanks Alli xx

  6. Jerry I am wondering where the concept of 'Black Friday' came from? It is normally reserved for Friday 13th here.
    I remember the day I walked into a large department store and realised that almost everything came out of China. That was when I gave up collecting 'things.'
    This is definitely a time to acknowledge that there is more to life than 'cancer.'