Saturday, November 6, 2010

What to do?

I hate television. I was forty three years old before I weakened and bought one and I kept that little 19" Sears and Roebuck televion until three years ago, where on the spur of the moment in a fit of insanity I bought a huge 48" flat screen and a Blue Ray! I don't really know what a Blue Ray is. I have never hooked mine up. It is out of the package and has been sitting for almost three years as an accompany to the T.V. I thought I could just plug it in but it came with a lot of cables and instructions in four languages and frankly I just can't be bothered. I watch the news once in a while unless something horrible has happened or they are going on and on about politics and I hate sports, don't watch them at all. I have one favorite show and that is "House", apparently the most popular show on television! Because I am not up to date on this program I watch a series of reruns on Fridays where shows from three years ago are played all day long, a marathon of "Dr. House"! I don't take naps but always fall asleep while watching T.V.
so I suppose that is the same thing.
If you ever get cancer and I sincerely hope not, your energy level goes to about minus seventeen and this is from a guy who, in the past, has happily worked twelve hours a day!
It is unimaginable to not do anything.

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  1. I can join you in my dislike of television.
    At times I'v gone for weeks on end never looking at 'thing' ... I go into these super electronic stores and honestly I don't know the difference between a DVR, Blue Rays tooth something, Ipods, Impods, hundreds of gadgets .. it is all very foreign to me, and don't care to learn either. It was more than I could handle just to conquer this thing I'm using right now .. and thats enough.