Sunday, November 7, 2010

Peripheral Neuropathy

Chemo Therapy is a contradiction of terms, like "Free Love" there is no such thing, every thing has its price. "Therapy" sounds like a little nap on a couch or aroma oils and gentle massages. In reality when mixed with Chemo it is like taking a bath in a shark tank. There is tons of "collateral damage" some probably not discovered until autopsy when they cut you open to find out what really went wrong. I am permanently sterile which might come in handy someday, at least in my dreams it could be useful! The "cat scans" and "pet scans" are the equivelent of 420 X-rays and are known to cause cancer in themselves, so that is a great thought.

Your hair grows back and pretty fast too so that's no

big deal and the weight you lose won't stay gone!

What is bothersome are my damned hands! I have

"Neuropathy" in them something bad! They hurt

24 hours a day and the only difference is sometimes

they hurt worse, throbbing and swollen, like stirring

a bucket of cut glass. I am getting used to this; they

are not getting better. When I am not working I

wear rabbit fur lined gloves and that helps a lot. I

wear them when I sleep at night. I am anxious to return to work.


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  2. Ai! And you work so well with those poor, sore hands too. I don't know anything about this hand problem, but I'm hoping that this too will pass. I'm also hoping I've caught mine early enough to avoid the full scope of 'treatments'. Holding thumbs for both of us.

  3. PS: Its very brave of you to publish your journal online - I think it will help anyone who reads it.

  4. Maundering mutterer, my South African friend without a name! I hope these blogs do help and take a little of the seriousness away from the ordeal. They are easier to write now that the chemo is over. A day by day journal of this running into a frieght train can be found on my other blog, somewhere on this artsite: I was pretty battered but scratched and crawled my may out of the inferno! It's all easy (!) you can do it!

  5. so glad to see you are blogging, stonepost--i know you from comments on ralph's site...good luck!