Saturday, November 20, 2010

All from Memory

I am writing these blogs about my cancer (Hodgekins Lymphoma) from memory as it has almost been a full year. I had an earlier day to day blog, that if you read backwards will take you through the emotions and everything I went through. It is HERE!
Writing from memory is so much easier and I have the leisure of picking through the debris to attempt a story. Sometimes I go back and read the day to day blog, pick from that nightmare
and relive it here, but it is never the same as it was the first time. It is as if I have skipped to the end of the book and having read that last chapter, I am a little disappointed at the ending!
There was no sailing off into the sunset. The dancing girls never appear, nor does the brandy solution. No light at the end of the tunnel and no revelations. However, the bad guys are defeated and it was a harrowing tale with some twists and turns, a lot of gore and the Hero (me!)
gets to live another day! I guess that is what makes a story, huh?

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  1. I am sooooo disappointed when the dancing girls don't show up.
    I'm soooo glad that you still do show up.

  2. I am enjoying reading your blog day by day Jerry. I do not always comment, that invloves me sitting up and forward to the keyboard a sore task at present. Today I just so wanted you to know I am reading all you say on my blog and what you say here and grateful for every word.

  3. Tell you one thing: I'm the new poster girl for early detection. Thanks to my campaign at work 24 women have committed IN WRITING to going for their physicals, and the company helped organize it with the health care authorities. I'm so happy and proud that I've been able to encourage people to do this. I know my mom would be happy if she knew.