Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What We Carry with Us

Today I can be anything I want to be. That is pretty much how I wake up in the morning, thinking, "what do you want to do today" and "who do you want to be today". I have discovered that "doing" things requires gathering tools and "being" requires shedding of attitudes. Creating a "new me" is to let go of the "old me". It is so much easier to work hard and do things than it is to let go and just "be". My voodoo cancer doctor says that in four years my neuropathy in my hands will be 50% better. My regular Doctor says that in four years I will be 50% use to it. Think about that for a moment. When I awake in the morning my first thought is of my hands.
They always feel as though they were stirring a bucket of cut glass all night long. If I chose to dwell on this it becomes oppressive and rules my day. So I throw that idea out and surround myself with gratitude: I am alive! that is pretty amazing! I can eat and that is incredible! (try going for three months on jell-o and tapiocca and you will appreciate eating too!). Gratitude is an amazingly powerful force and it gives me untold strength, helps me shed the sadness and pain of life and allows me to be anything I want!

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