Sunday, October 10, 2010


"The good old days" for me would certainly have to before I had cancer! I am having an on-going discussion with a fellow blogger about the State of the Union, how things are and how they were. It occurred to me while having a bubble bath in my huge cast iron tub that we don't remember things exactly as they were and we don't think of the consequences of bringing the past into the future. A short 10 years ago with a diagnosis of Hodgekin's Lymphoma that was a death sentence! It wasn't that long ago that woman could only be nurses or teachers or librarians! I am glad that my daughters, in theory at least, could be on the Supreme Court! or President!or pretty much whatever they want! Not that long ago that minorities could not get loans or be allowed success at most levels, and in my lifetime, had to ride in the back of the bus!
I think we miss the dream and fantacy of the old days.
Today we demand and expect so much more. I miss the days when a house cost $14,000
(I paid $8,375. for mine!) and was in reach of anyone willing to work for it. No one would buy that house today. We expect huge houses with several bathrooms, a great room and a kitchen with granite countertops! and these expectations come with a price and a loss of whatever might have been good about "the good old days"! Who knew that this road we are on would get us to here? and like every road taken throughout history, we have our pluses and minuses, our potholes, barricades and open freeway. No one really knows where they are going, only where they have been and we have a tendency to only remember the good things along that path.


  1. We certainly don't know where we're going, at least I don't. I know that on the street where I grew up every kid lived in the same 4 room house nobody gave a bean about designer sneakers and when I was a 10 years old, if I lost my roller skate key, it was a big deal.
    Yes, you bet the age of innocence IS gone.. and has been replaced by adults who have to have those granite countertops all the bells and whistles and that mindset gets passed on to the next generation. It would be a good thing if it was positive, I don't see it that way. I watched a program one night where a couple were looking at homes to buy and the woman was whining because the cabinets were not cherry and the floors were not to her liking..
    I guess I'm strange... I like old cottages with charm, rattley windows and uneven floors, I had one like that and loved it. Its still in my heart. But I'm rich, because I have those memories..

  2. Yes, me too Barbra! I grew up in a great old house and played "kick the can" and other games that kids invent. It was safer back then too, we never locked the doors and could go anywhere at any time. No drugs except maybe to sneak a cigarette!

  3. As I grow older I also think more and more of what it is we have lost. In terms of what we have we have so much more now and yet so much less. We are all striving to have waht it is we think will make us happy and in the process happiness passes us on the other side of the street.