Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Test or Not?

That is the question? I am to see my main Voodoo Doctor today and we will discuss whether or not to get more testing done to see if the cancer is really gone or went into hiding, metamorphing
into some other alien creature. On the plus side I would know but I am not sure this means much. I am feeling better every day and have no lumps or bumps, no bad symptoms. The tests themselves cause cancer. They are the equivilent of getting 420 X-rays and then there is the question of what would I do if the cancer was still lurking? Could I and would I go through all this again, twelve more chemos? My hands couldn't take it. I know of people who have gone through chemo twice in a row, and then had surgery and top it off with radiation treatments, all
to extend their life...by a little bit, sick, in their bed, dieing. That is the difference I think. If you could extend your life three months living, (say in Paris, for instance!) that could certainly be a good choice. But to extend the process of dieing, to drag that out to see grief and fear and tears!
I am happy now and chose to think this battle is over and I won. Now I am painting and welding and creating again; I am living.


  1. Yes, you are Jerry and good luck to you in your testing.

  2. okay, here is the update! all my blood tests are
    perfect! blood pressure on the low side of normal
    (I don't get riled easily!), no swollen lymph nodes and no good reason for the dangerous tests!
    "Take two aspirin and see me in December!" Yeah!