Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Blog is for Me

Blogging is like a modern day confessional. Maybe this whole computer thing allows an opening into the soul? When I Blog I am telling you what I am concerned about today, what is bothering me, what I am doing, the art I am producing, my hopes and dreams and the way I look at life.

We are told not to put too much on Facebook, be careful of what photos we post, and are reminded that the whole world is watching! We email people we hardly know and tell them things we wouldn't want others to know. The computer remembers everything! Every keystroke is permanently recorded! We can hit the "delete" button and empty the recycle bin and wish we hadn't said that, but it is still there! Hidden in some obscure cranny. The forbidden fruit once picked can't be put back on the tree. It is not necessary to get a computer expert to fish this out of our operating system, we know it is there. We have lost the art of communication

with people, afraid of being politically incorrect or hurtful, we become milktoast, would rather be bland than misunderstood. Except for this computer that doesn't talk back, has no reaction, can't be critical, can't cry and doesn't care to. We bare our soul to this machine, sometimes forgetting that someone might read it and always forgetting that it is not real. I am reminded of an elementary school teacher who shortstops a note from a boy to a girl and proceeds to read it to the whole class!

I think we have a need to be understood in our entirety, at least a need to understand ourselves that way. I am an artist, a welder, a gardener, a father, a friend, and so much more. It is a complex road system and some aspects of self-discovery lead to dead ends. No, that wasn't me:
hit delete!

There are no secrets. I was about 12 years old when Superman shot himself and my world changed forever. When David Carradine died (we all know how THAT happened!) I lost the KungFu guru I grew up with. Both of these bring a reality to my life and that is a wonderful thing about computers and the internet. I love Wikileaks and hate its destruction on how I view the world! Both. I think the internet will eventually bring a truth to the whole world. It still remains for us to separate truth from fantacy: in the World, in our relationships, with ourselves.


  1. Computers......made of hard, cold materials.
    When we write on the computer we don't have the option of facial expressions.. hand gestures, real tears coming down our face. A real smile , laughter out loud.. and most of all not a real hug with our arms around someone when we say we're sorry..they can't feel that warmth.. no way.....
    I remember when I said I would never have a computer, I used to write real letters to friends,. send real cards to people , because I am a REAL person.. yes, REALLY ! The computer is cold, hard, and thats not me. Some good can come out of it though.. maybe we should all wait a day before we hit the 'Send' button.. ?

  2. I agree with all you say jerry as usual but I could just not live without this dashed thing that sits in my study and allows me to talk to friends all over the world. It also allowed me to meet you. I lay my case before you.

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  4. Thank you so very much, Pamo! With you noting my writing skills and now my daughter's checking out my blogs I have to be careful with which words to place where! Do you want to read a really GOOD book? If you like the wonderful use of the English language this is a great book, absolutely in the "top 10"! The author is Beryl Markham and the title is "West with the Night"
    cost $7 on Amazon and is worth a hundred times that! Seriously.

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