Monday, October 4, 2010


I added a tomato from my garden for color and a burst of flavor!

All right, I will start this recipe sharing experiment but I expect others to join in and share their own recipes from all over the place on their blogs. Something to hunt for, this will be fun! I will preface this by saying that for three months I had no appetite at all. The chemo-therapy I was taking totally destroyed my will to eat. I lived on one Ensure, some tapioca pudding and jell-o each day and lost forty pounds! As the ability to eat returned I wanted food with a lot of flavor but it also had to be easy to make because my wife works swing shift and I would have to cook it myself. This first recipe is so simple and takes less than fifteen minutes.

Ingredients: one pound of hamburger (minced meat)

about 4 or 5 or 6 ounces of sour cream

one medium onion

couple tablespoons of mustard and ketchup

hamburger buns, or rolls or bread

you can guess what to do: fry up he hamburger, chop up the onion and fry it with the hamburger

when these are done, add the sour cream, mustard and ketchup and stir this mixture until it is all hot. Put it on the hamburger buns or rolls or bread and that's it! Dinner served!


  1. Hate to dissapoint you on this one Jerry, I don't cook.. you'll be relying on all the other domestic divas out there.

  2. oh, I forgot , I do once in a while something like this,, but with onion, chili powder, worcesteshire and ketchup.. Oh wait, is that called a 'sloppy joe'?

  3. You must cook something, Barbra! All my recipes are pretty simple and take 15 minutes or less, except for my Thanksgiving Stuffing which I have perfected over the years and made every single year since I was 17!!!!! I'll post it soon.

  4. LOve this idea Jerry I do as you know love cooking. This looks like a very interesting meal but not one that I could eat, not because I am not sure it would be marvellous simply there are some ingrediants in there that I just could not eat at all. Like ketchup sour cream and mustard. I am so glad that you have though got your taste for food back and wish you Bon appatite

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