Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Vertu and Fortuna"

This is the very same image as yesterday's post!
The only difference is this is taken outside in direct sunlight with no flash. How can that be?
How can light play such tricks and expose or hide all the details? I like the colors and feather effect here but this is not as imaginative as the one taken inside my shop. Had this been the only capture it would not have inspired me to continue playing with this medium. So, it was all "luck" that I caught it just right in the shop.
The Romans knew of this kind of luck and measured the mettle of a man by how he responded to it. "Vertu" and "fortuna", virtue and fortune. Fortune was the good luck and bad luck, those things that happen to us by accident, what we find in life and what is thrown upon us.
And Virtue is how we respond to these happenstance. Ralph (I will learn to link soon!) could have taken his inhaler to bed with him and lived out his life as an invalid but instead decided to throw it away and climb mountains! Sherry could crumble and fall apart but chooses dignity
and growth from her experience. Me? I am really lucky and just talking about capturing a piece of stainless steel in the right light, something that ultimately led me into painting and the world of art.


  1. Truly beautiful ! And I love that round spot up to the right...

  2. Thank you, Barbra Joan! I think you are my only follower!