Monday, September 27, 2010

Pain Management

Ralph liked my butterflies so I found another one.
These are stainless steel over copper sheet and then powder-coated in clear. There is a lot of hand work involved in making these, a lot of fitting and grinding and I am unable to do that now. I wake up early in the morning and it feels as though my hands were in a pressure cooker all night long. I am not sure what to do about this. It is discouraging for an artist not to be able to work. I still get ideas and things I want to do but the pain is pretty constant and throbbing. So, I have begun my day complaining and that is not a good way to start! I do comparative therapy and realize that there are a lot of people worse off than I am. I could be in Haiti and have my tent, my only home blown down in the rains. And I think it is only my hands that hurt; the cancer is gone and I am healing, it is just that I want to run with it, lose myself in my shop and build things! I should be thankful that I have the desire. The ability will come. Vicodine helps, at least it offers a distraction and when it kicks in, the throbbing subsides and I am able to work for fifeteen minutes at a time. Time is my friend now, I am getting stronger every day!


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  2. You'll get there Jerry, remember? the bell has rung.. thats the start.

  3. Lovely butterfly. You are already there you have survived the worst.With so much talent ,what more can you ask, you are incredible.