Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Doctor's Visit

Yesterday I had a visit with my real doctor. Real doctor in the sense that he is the one I have seen for years and he is the one who discovered my cancer. My cancer doctor, the one I call my "voodoo doctor" doesn't really look at me much and talks to me even less. I get a blood test from him and then he is after statistics. He is like a cook, adding so much of thisand a little of that to this chemical recipe. My real doctor actually talks to me, looks at me and touches me! Anyway,
apparently once someone gets neuropathy then they ave it forever! That is the bad news, the good news is, over time it will get a little bit better but ostly it is a case of getting used to it. I believe that. My hands feel as though I am picking through cut glass but already I am so restless that I am beginning to ignore them. I began a painmting the other day and already I will put it aside. I get to build a garden gate! Maybe my hands won't like this so much but mentally I am so ready for it that I don't care. It has been months since I have touched steel and I long for its expression! So, sore hands or not I am going to "forge ahead" (nice expression for a welder, huh?) and I get to make something this week! How fun!


  1. Definetly .....go for it Jerry! I would paint til I couldn't any more... I think your doing great and I'll keep a positive thought for you .. I did respond to your question about being a Southernr... and here it is again..
    I'm a northerne by birth, but a Southerner by the grace of God and my choice. Absolutely!
    I love the south and ya'll better know it!
    all my best,

  2. Thank you Barbra, my oldest daughter transported to Austin, Texas so I will be learning this dialect soon!

  3. I am not at all sure what happened here Jerry. I read this post yesterday and I was so sure I had added a comment yet it is not here today. Just in case I got it wrong the bottom line was the same as Barbra is saying go for it. Start small though my friend start small. Even I am tackling two of Englands mountains before I try a Scottish one. Have a good day.