Saturday, September 25, 2010

This is "old stuff" done a year or so ago but I wanted to show you some of my copper and stainless steel pieces. This piece became the center of a gate at a local winery. It is powder-coated clear coat and has the feel of silk when touched. The copper and polished steel catch the sun and this can be seen from blocks away! It was a fun experiment and because of it
I built a 16' Entry Gate for a different winery with a lot of copper in it,
five foot panels of copper plate! I have never before or since seen this use of copper with ornamental iron and the local powder coating factory had never clear-coated copper before! This piece is what really inspired me, maybe I could be an artist after all?

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  1. You ARE an artist Jerry! this is really beautiful.! butterflies one of my favorite little critters.