Sunday, September 19, 2010

Free to Paint

Sunday Morning. I can never say that I have learned to paint. I am retired, my experience is with welding, joining steel together at the atomic level. Painting is altogether different, far more subtle but no less expressive. I am liking it a lot but haven't a clue as to what I am doing. I do this in my metal shop on the welding table or most often hanging on the steel wall I use for fabrication. I began just about a year ago, painting on sheets of copper because that is what I had.
Painting on metal is not like canvas at all where the paint absorbs fast and you can't move it around. The paint on metal is alive, mixes mysteriously and has a will of what it wants to be. I eventially ran out of the copper sheets and did this painting on kitchen foil. In a digital world I took a photo of it and it exists only in my computer. The original foil painting became gift wrap on a present to a friend.


  1. Well, hello Jerry, we finally get to 'talk' directly to you. I think you may know me from Ralphs blog.. but if not ... here I am..! We have Sherry in common... but also wanted you to know that my Dad was a welder and had a business..until he retired. He did fabricating and I have pictures of him working. He's gone now but the memories linger, and was the first thing I thought about when I read about you..
    I wanted to also wish you well in your recovery and keep busy with that paint no matter what you paint on!!!!! regards, Barbra Joan

  2. Barbra Joan, thank you so much! Yes, I am learning that it is such a small world and it is full of talented, caring and wonderful people!

  3. Wow Jerry, this is wonderful. What I can learn from you! I wanted to do something with my leftover copper sheets from my printing days this summer....unfortunately that did not pan out for many 'legitimate' reasons. But someday, I hope.
    Love what you did on this foil. This painting has spirit and vitality I strive for but seldom attain. Congratulations, hope the person you gave it too framed it!
    And thank you.....that is what I will do for Christmas wrap this year.....I will call the pieces 'Jerry's wrap'.
    So glad you are now cancer-free; not that we ever totally are; I know I live with the threat of its return. But hey, we all live with some threat.
    The courage and determination you showed through your trip into cancer-hell has been an inspiration to so many of us.
    So glad you are here and well!

  4. Thank you Ruby! You will love painting on foil!
    It is so totally different from canvas or paper
    and you will discover the paint has a will of its own! Yes, I think we all get cancer every day and it is the strength and defences of the body to get rid of it. I hope I am strong enough now!

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