Friday, September 24, 2010

The Hands of an Artist

Going back to work is not as simple as it sounded. This is my thumb nail, my big toe nails are gone. What I used to build in a day will njow take me a week. The chemo-therapy that cured my cancer has left a lot of damage in its wake. The neuropathy in my hands will let me work for maybe fifeteen minutes and then I want to cry! At least I sit and give them a break! It is going to take some time, I am at the starting gate, waiting for the sound of the bell.


  1. That's alright Jerry, you'll get there, you have the will. And that bell might not sound as loud as before, but your already hearing it.

  2. You are the nicest "Southern Gal" I know! Thank you for the encouragement, Barbra Joan!