Friday, September 17, 2010

Cancer Free

Good Morning, today will be a great day! Ralph, and soon I will learn to link to his site, has
inspired me to get back on to this blogging site. I am calling this blog "Cancer Free" because that is what I am! I just finished seven months of chemo-therapy, voodoo medicine, and I am alive!
NOW, what will I do? It is a little like being taken to the edge of Hell and then allowed a second
chance! I'll be re-telling that story a bit on here from time to time, so bare with me if you have heard it before! that will take you to my earlier blog if you care to skip ahead. I'll talk a little about my art here, just a little because that is what I am producing these days. I might talk of politics and our economy because we are all effected by that right now and I find it interesting what we are doing about it. I love my garden and myu shop/studio space and my shop kitty so you will bne hearing about them.
What will keep me going will be your comments! Feel free to tell me I am on the wrong track,
or just that you stopped by! Thanks so much, Jerry


  1. Good morning and welcome I hope the information I posted about links helps.

  2. Thank you!
    And thanks for the comment and disclosing your personal opinion.
    Nice to read that you like my blog
    How/where did you found me?

    I'm happy to read that you successfully defeated cancer.

    All the best wishes for you!

  3. Ralph, thanks for the help and being my very first visitor! I will attempt the link today but it may take awhile. and Joeanna, thank you so much, it is not often one gets a famous musician to drop by! I "found you" through Ralph's blog.
    Ralph is the glue that keeps us together, offers us daily "Taoisms" and directs our focus! About the 1960's and Janis Joplin, and Van Morrison and Jimmy Hendricks and others! These were incredibly talented and passionate musicians who lived life to the extreme, "burning their candles
    at both ends" and expressing the times they lived in. The world is without passion now.