Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Morning

It rained so hard last night, the early Fall kind of rain that marks the end of summer, cleans the air and creates the first mud puddles marking Winter. Oregon is a wonderful State and we are lucky enough to have all four Seasons. The times are changing.
I haven't "done art" in over seven months. No welding, no painting. Cancer is mentally consuming and chemo-therapy is darnright painful. I am getting stronger every day but my hands feel full of cut glass. Everything I touch is like picking up razor blades. Art of some kind and the will to do it is boiling up inside me and I am learning to live with the pain. Yesterday I got my paints out and found a large canvas to work on. It is stretched on my welding table, gessoed now, about five colors of red and waiting for me to do something with it. Like "The Call of the Wild" it will tease me, waiting patiently, calling for me, and sometimes screaming, until I get to work on it. Nice to be wanted!


  1. Then go for it Jerry go for it. I have to say more people than you realised read your artwanted blog. I for one did and I know two others who read it regularly. Did not always comment but always read.

  2. Thank you, Ralph, the ArtWanted site has an accurate counter on it, telling me exactly how many people stopped by to visit. I reliably had eight every day and once in a while 10. Friends and relatives!