Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where I Work

This is my shop! I showed you mine, I want to see yours! I have a great shop/studio in my backyard surrounded by my garden, about a million flowers it seems and my tomato plants.
These photos are "the old days" about a year ago, before I discovered the cancer. Now mostly I work on "little art" and try to get better at painting. I love the strength and weight and permanency of steel but for now the neuropathy in my hands won't allow me to work with it.
But I am getting stronger every day, so, soon, I hope!


  1. Yes, Jerry this is a great looking studio, a little different than mine, but it works for you.
    I send you strength and courage (I have lots) from being through the mill so to speak.. and you'll be doing all you love to do. You have to want it and I know that you do...

  2. Thanks, BJ "You have to want it" that is for sure and so true about everything in life!

  3. I love your work space Jerry and I so long for the day when you are back there working the metal and creating great things. I know you will manage it. Like Barbra I am there with you and you are as always in my thoughts dear friend.

  4. Hi Jerry, I've always been inspired by fabricators and metal workers. It's good to know you practice shop safety by having two mounted extinguishers. I can't fully understand what it must be like to live with the pain you've described or how it has altered your life, especially your art. I appreciate you taking a moment to visit my blog and hope you get stronger so that you can fire some metal soon.

  5. Forgot to mention, I like that spider web pattern on the door. I bet smaller spider webs with unique designs in them would be very striking for hanging on the wall.