Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Trip to the Dump

I have spent a good portion of my life at the local dump. At least once a week and sometimes

three times in one day I have been to the landfill with my truck full of construction debris, the broken eggs to make omelette's thing that is all part of the construction process. Most of my life has been in construction, making your homes bigger to secure your "things". I have built family rooms to houses where the family is gone, added that third bathroom to houses with only two people, and built huge kitchens for people who cannot cook.

If I were in charge of education I would require my students to spend a day at the dump. We

are not a materialistic society. We find little value in "things", yet we acquire them profusely and throw them away with the trash. We want next week's model, bigger, better, shinier. You will toss them at the drop of a hat, expect to replace them within a year, and you hire me to put locks on your door so no one steals them. Make your house bigger so you can have more.

Everything is at the dump. That is where it ends up. Sometimes recycling now, that is popular as the dumps get filled to capacity. Recycled back to China where it is reground and reshaped into more stuff. That is the life cycle.

It is an addiction, you know. It doesn't end, trying to fill this empty space we have.

If you are interested I will continue this thought tomorrow. I have built over a million square feet of empty space to be filled with "things" and it doesn't work.


  1. StonePost 2 of my grandchildren have a Nana and her husband that 'do the dumps' regularly and apparently have the most amazing home - looks like it should be in a decorator magazine. They 'find' their pieces and then restore. Costs them very little.
    You are the sort of person every home needs. Able to turn your hand to anything. Well done!
    Very definite YES! Looking forward to the next exciting instalment.
    Happy New Year

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  3. I love this, it reminds me of an old stand up routine by George Carlin where he points out our ridiculous need for "More Stuff" and a place to put it. I too would like to hear more.

  4. yes, T.K. George Carlin was one of the funniest comedians that actually made me laugh.
    I think I remember that Stuff routine!
    Where are we going with all this "stuff"?

  5. What everybody can do to stop this awful state of non-being is just walk away from it! I did and I have no regrets.