Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I wonder what the issue is with marijuana?  It has certainly been given a bad rap over the years but I think it probably saved my life.  Why is it that we will happily take Rat Poison (warfarin) and are thankful for chemotherapy made from left over World War I Mustard Gas and will take all kinds of other "medicines" that make us very sick and almost kill us, yet we are reluctant to try marijuana?
     It is pretty easy to get, you don't have to go through a lot of hoops and barricades to get it legally. You can find it on the streets and most of your friends will know where to get it.  I admit I was hesitant, did not want to be "stoned" nor dizzy nor "spaced out".  I went 12 days without eating. It took a lot of effort on my part and I could drink ONE Ensure a day and that was it.  I had been on Marinol for over a month, the synthetic and legal stuff with THC, the secret ingredient of marijuana.  It wasn't working and costs over $20 per pill.  A friend gave me some marijuana which I smoked and took me out to breakfast the next morning.
It worked like a charm.  Yes, it was a little weird but not as weird as Rat Poison. Not addictive like cigarettes or pain killers.
      You don't have to smoke it. You can make tea out of it or add to butter and jam or toast or even put it in cookies!  Takes about a heaping teaspoon.  The pain will go away.  You will eat.  You won't throw up.
You will probably laugh at nothing funny.  That is the one side effect, silliness and laughter!
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  1. StonePost, maybe it is a case of 'better the devil you know than ?'
    Encouraged by the last couple of sentences haha...

  2. I often wonder what the issue is with this natural medicine too. That is what it is after all, even animals in the wild will seek it out and it's speculated that it's for medicinal purposes.

    Although I'm not a pot smoker I have seen what it can do for someone with cancer. During the six months my brother was on the voodoo cure as you call it, which by the way is right on the mark, it was the only thing that helped with his appetite. It was the only thing that helped with the nausea that came from the chemo and radiation treatments. It helped some with his pain and when they stopped the treatments and told him the cancer had mutated and there was nothing else that could by done, it was the only thing that helped him deal with his death sentence.

    Personally I think it should be legalized, the benefits far out way any harmful effects unlike the legal drugs that are available. Great post, these things need to be said.

  3. Thanks Chez and Tiffany, I am not a pot smoker either, but glad I had it when I needed it. I am so sorry about your brother TK but happy he found something to help with his battle. It amazes me how much we are willing to suffer when it might not be necessary at all.