Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Bubble Bath!

           I do a lot of math in my business, pretty simple measurements and angles and degrees, but they are very important or the final piece won't fit.  You can go to a lot of work, sometimes weeks of cutting and welding and polishing and grinding, and then the final painting.  If it is off by an inch it becomes junk, wasted effort.  It is the very beginning of the job when I get the field measurements and initial design concepts that become most important.  When I am back at my shop I sometimes wonder about this.  Will what I am doing "fit" and be what the customer wants?
     Sometimes we do things that are counter productive to our goals.  Just as often, I think, we don't define these goals so everything we do leads us in six different directions at the same time.  We sometimes make things far more confusing than they need to be.
     I no longer have any real long term goals.  I have done just about everything and acquired far more than I could ever use personally.  I have boxes full of stuff and I don't even know what is in them.  More of anything I do not want.  Spring and my garden and starting my tomatoes from seed is far enough into the future for me.  I like to work.  I enjoy the challenge of creating something unusual and never seen before.
      My "typical" goal setting for one day usually begins in the bathtub.  I have a great six foot cast iron tub that is almost 100 years old and begin every day in a really hot bubble bath.  I start my day just appreciating the fact that I am there and enjoying it.  I think about mundane things, things to do, things to get, errands to run, what tools and supplies I will need to get a job done.  I think of the shape of what I want to build and where it will go, what it will look like when finished.  This all makes my day go pretty smoothly, it goes pretty much as I anticipated it would.  I am retired now and have the luxury that time is as I want it to be, fast or slow and just stopping so I can look around.  I am not in a hurry and it becomes most important to enjoy all the steps along the way.
 I begin all my tomatoes from seed in my greenhouse.
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  1. Well, Jerry you have so much to be thankful for and I know you are... Starting the day in a great big tub o' bubbles? What else does a man need? You work when you want, play when you want, and soon you'll be out there growin' those tomatoes. I myself never cared for fancy cars, jewelry, or clothes, and funny how as we get older those things mean even less and less. I get more enjoyment at seeing a live hawk or sunrises..My best ooh's and ahh's come from that sort of thing .
    Thats what it's all about Alfie!!!!

  2. StonePost seems like a pretty good plan to me; you know what you are doing.
    I enjoy my bath in the morning in spite of the fact it is a new tub. The sun shines brightly through the window on the eastern side and I look towards the rolling countryside in front as window faces north. Magnificent!