Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good bye 2010

Good bye, good bye, good bye! 2010, forever in my brain, like a lost lover better forgotten. Lucky I didn't marry THAT one! It has been quite a year. I have been to places I never thought I would go, seen machinery right out of "star treck", had alien invaders deep inside of me, and spent $130,000 of someone else's money just to stay alive! I have been as close to the edge as one is allowed. I have been pumped full of mustard gas derivatives and fed rat poison. I have had the equivalent of 1200 x-rays. I have missed days, sleeping 20 hours at a time, lost 50 pounds and all my hair. And I am Alive!

I have lived my life backwards, reel by reel, like a movie, from the 1st grade on. I am happy with the roads that I have taken, "those crooked roads that have lead me straight to here". I have a great life that was only momentarily interrupted.

I will swear off jell-o, no more tapioca please, I am so full and tired of that.

And, I am Alive. Not yet a grain of sand, more dust of this Earth.

Some time next year, you might remind me, I will tell you of the one and only bar fight that I have been in. He stood between me and humor and the door; I didn't have a choice. That was a piece of cake, for me anyway, compared to this battle with cancer. Laughing and sleeping and thinking is all you really can do and I laughed at every opportunity. I have been in bar fights, two really but I had forgotten the other one. This cancer didn't know what it was up against.

I am healthy now, kicked his ass, and getting stronger by the day. I am ending this bad year with a job! I get to build a gate and another one, an artsy railing. I am beginning 2011 from a position of strength. A hard fought battle won, I am on my way to flying I know not where.

Just flying and fluttering and dancing in the sun and oh so looking forward to my garden.

The trick to any fight is to laugh a lot. It is confusing to your opponent, disarming. When that doesn't work, kick the crap out of 'em and get out fast. I think 2011 will be the best year yet and I look forward to it. Happy New Year! My Other Blog is Here!


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Jerry, this will be your best year yet and many more to come.. You have the knowledge that only comes through having a hard fought battle and won! It's that ' I REALLY DID IT.. I WON! ... now you can dance!!!! of course you can!

  2. Happy New Year! Hope this next one is everything you want it to be.

  3. Happy New Year dear friend, dance and fly and flutter because you can and I am so happy for you! oxoxox