Friday, December 17, 2010

My Cancer Blog is Almost Over

Two more weeks and my year will be over. It has been an interesting year to say the least.

Yesterday, while shopping with my daughter, we saw an old man using a shopping cart as a walker. Without it he would have fallen down. "You were much worse than that Dad," my daughter said. I know she was right but I can hardly remember it now. For over eight months

when I went to bed at night I knew the next morning would be worse. Two hundred and forty days that became a lifetime, always deeper into that tunnel where only darkness became my friend.

I lost all my hair of course, we all do. It is a members only club. There are a lot of jokes about it and all kinds of hats and even wigs for those who care. The fun part is no pubic hair but by then we are holding tenaciously to our humor. Not much laughter in cancer. I lost fifty pounds

but would not recommend this diet to anyone. I could hardly eat at all. My brain would literally say "spit it out or die," but you wouldn't understand that. I don't.

The hardest thing to describe is the fatigue and I realize why people die. We just get too damned tired. We have taken it to the end and there is nothing left. No reservoir, we are at the bottom. It becomes an incredible experience to just wake up in the morning. You know that you are alive but you are just waiting for night and the comfort found in dreams.

I have written this blog because I don't want to forget. It has been an interesting experience all this remembering and I realize that I have forgotten nothing. At least nothing that I remember.


  1. It's been an excellent blog Jerry, and you will not forget . We seldom do forget life changing excperiences. . You are one lucky man. Yes.!
    There may be a reason you survived, and there may be none at all. Just that you were meant to be here longer, and I for one am glad you that are.

  2. I am very glad you are here too Jerry, you have enriched my life more than you will know! oxox

  3. I cared for my brother through his cancer. The nurse told me about the food thing. Food feeds the cancer just as it feeds the body, it's interesting that on a certain level you knew that.

    I'm glad you made it through it and are here to share who you are with us.

  4. I join in the cheers! You made it! May you never have to experience something like that again!