Saturday, December 18, 2010

Turkey Stuffing Recipe

I have no photos of this but will post them after Christmas. I have made the turkey dinner every year since I was 17 years old without missing a year. For the last several years I have done this with my daughters, a tradition we very much look forward to. Until about ten years ago I always varied the stuffing a little bit, tweaking it here and there. Then I hit the best ever
and have not altered it in any way. So, here is what you need. The proportions can be anything you like.

Real butter to fry stuff in.
Onion, chopped up and sauteed in the butter
Celery, chopped up and sauteed in butter
Mushroom, chopped up and sauteed
Almond slivers, chopped up and slightly browned
Water chestnuts, dump the whole can in, including juices
Mandarin Oranges, dump the whole can in, including juice
Stuffing Mix, (bread crumbs)
Sausage, chop it up and fry it first. and, then, like the song:

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. I use lots of sage.

Put all this in a bowl and mix and you have it.
My stuffing is always more popular than the turkey!


  1. Wow! Sounds like the best poultry stuffing I have ever encountered. Never thought of adding the water chestnuts and mandarins....will give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing, I definitely will be using this recipe!

  2. Sounds like a real treat StonePost. Now, for your 'Aussie' follower...Please Explain! When you refer to 'sausage' exactly what does that mean to you? This is when it feels like we are worlds apart.
    Love the tradition you have followed with your daughters which is creating wonderful memories.
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures after Christmas.

  3. Hi Chez, believe it or not there are several types of sausage here too! Even out West! I suppose you could put any sausage in this batch,
    What I am thinking of is the raw minced pork with spices and herbs added from the butcher.

    Thank you, Ruby, let me know if you like it, but I know you will! The water chesnuts and mandarin oranges (in a can) are essential for texture and moisture. don't forget them!

  4. Sounds wonderful, I'll have to try it.

  5. My mouth is WATERING! Oooooooh! Can't we have Xmas dinner at your place?

  6. Andrea, you are so invited! that would be fun!

  7. Did I ask you to marry me???

  8. LOL, in my next life I will cook for you Constance!