Sunday, June 12, 2011

Arizona Burning...

This is June and Summer isn't here yet.  The really Hot weather is in front of us.  Arizona is burning, forest fires, the largest they have ever seen are spreading into New Mexico.  Oregon appears safe for now.  It has been a cold, wet, Spring and there is still a lot of snow in the mountains. God help us if it ever gets hot in Canada, there are a lot of trees there!
    Australia has had floods the size of Texas.  Japan's tsunami that caused a nuclear meltdown is still spewing radiation all over the world.  Tornadoes have flattened the corn belt in America and you will see, soon the World will be starving.
   In Oregon we can't agree to ban plastic bags.  They take a thousand years to disintegrate and although we don't give it much thought we all know there is an island made of plastic bags the size of Texas between our coast and Hawaii.  It is a problem we wish to deal with...later.
   It is amazing what we will put up with for convenience.  We "fracture" the Earth, a last, desperate squeeze for that final drop of oil and destroy the water supply in the process.  We have our priorities and we can deal with other problems...later.
   Cell phones cause cancer.  We have no idea what ten million radio transmission towers might do and we don't really care.  A price of convenience that we are willing to pay.
   The World is getting smaller and we have no idea of how close we are.  We laugh at the lemmings and we are not that much different.
   It seems that the weather is getting angry and the World is rumbling and we keep stoking the fire, just wondering what is going on?  Maybe we "used it up", that is a concept that we can understand?
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  2. I agree it's time people wake up and look at what we are doing and find better ways to do it. The answers for what we need are usually the simplest things in the world which is why they are overlooked. Because we overlook them we create terrible things that in the end usually destroy us or come damn close all in the name of progress. Then once we figure out a better way we take our time about changing over to it because of greed.

    I'll give you an example that I think you can relate to. For years we have been treating cancers with deadly poison and radiation. Chemo and radiation kill the body's cells just as it kills the cancer cells. It's almost barbaric to use it, akin to blood letting how many centuries ago. Yet new research is showing that cancerous tumors can be killed off safely with high intensity ultra sound, sound waves if you can believe that. No side effects and low cost to the patients.

    Here's the thing do you ever think anything more than a mere mention will come out to the public about this? Probably not, and why because there isn't any money to be made by it.

    (btw reposted this because I left out a bit.)

  3. Mother nature is really becoming angry at her earthly children . We destroy, maim kill, we don't rebuild what we tear down. Forests are becoming depleted animals extinct. Fawn & Flora we need for medicinal reasons are being exploited. We are the makers of our own destiny....Just too stupid to realize the reprecussions....Alli x

  4. Yes Jerry once again you hit the nail on the head and give us cause to stop and think. I hope this finds you well.