Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Are What We Eat

...and we don't know where it comes from!  The recent ecoili outbreak in Europe was pretty frightening, sickening thousands of people and killing hundreds.  They might have thought they were being cautious.
This outbreak is thought to have come from vegetarian fare: sprouts, maybe the kind you grow yourself from a packet of seeds?  They still don't know for sure, the source. 
   France now is recalling hamburger thought to be made in Germany, but that is a pretty interesting story in itself.  I like a good hamburger, that is the truth, but I never know what I am eating, where it came from or what is really in the package.
   Just yesterday I was shopping and paused in the meat isle, looking at the pretty red meat packages of hamburger.  It never has brown tinted edges any more, no packaged meat has that "aged look" to it. It has the look of freshly cut beef packaged this morning.  Each plastic wrapped package is puffed up with Nitrogen Gas.  Sealed away from oxygen it will remain red and brights for weeks.  Until you open the package and then it will turn brown almost overnight.
   The hamburger in my store said, "product of Canada, USA, New Zealand, Honduras", and four other countries!  I have been told that in a one pound package of hamburger there may be the DNA of 400 to six hundred cows!  Mass slaughtering plants from all over the world gather up the bits and pieces and send this flesh to processing plants to become hamburger.
   It is not a scene of contented cows munching on  meadows and Alpine grasses.
   There is no safety in being a vegetarian, fruits and vegetables are a huge source of diseases.  Almost everything is genetically modified not only to produce more but to be resistant to the very poisons we spray around them.  Corn that is resistant to Roundup and other herbicides.  and then, we eat the corn!
   Fish are contaminated, poisoned, full of mercury or positively radioactive!  Ice Cream is full of growth hormones and we wonder why ten year old girls develop and mature so fast these days?  Must be what they eat?
   Clean water is almost impossible to find so we drink bottled water in containers known to cause cancer!
   The fire retardant chemicals they put in clothing, our curtains, our beds are in us.  We are surrounded in a sea of poisons and it is amazing that we swim at all.
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  1. agree with you
    we are what we eat

  2. You are so right. I try to be safe, but one can only do so much, the rest is out of my power. I remember when I could buy a steak that wasn't bright red, and it smelled and tasted great. We called it aged meat and it was so tender. Those days are long gone. I still don't know why most liquid containers are out of plastic that leaches into the drink. And those drinks can sit in the bottles for months. I'm sure it has something to do with cost and convenience. I asked my vet, who practises holistic treatments along with his regular treatments, why many experts consider grapes and raisins bad for pets perhaps causing kidney failure. He said there is nothing in them that is bad for a cat or dog, but maybe it is the pesticides and herbicides that are sprayed on them and soaks into the fruit. We usually eat all this stuff without questioning this problem. Scary. By the way, because my vet practises holistic, applied kinesiology, chiropractic, and Chinese herbs; he has been labeled using witchcraft by some people. Go figure. All I know is that this stuff all works. He has always fixed most of my pets health issues the healthy way without drugs or shots, and if the issue is one that cannot be fixed no matter what, he has extended their quality life span by many years. Of course this all takes more work than using drugs and shots. We have become such a polluted society for convenience's sake.