Friday, February 18, 2011

"Known to the State of California to Cause Cancer"

I see this title on everything now and wonder why I hadn't noticed it before.  I wonder if it would have made a difference?  It is on all plastic bottles yet we still deliver milk to babies that way.  Before a child reaches two years old they are full of fire retardants and god knows what else?  I couldn't weld, that warning is on all of my supplies and in big lettering on the wire I use.  I still weld, of course, and have been known to drink from plastic bottles. I like bacon and  char-broiled hamburgers.  We are optimistic in our sins and never think it is this one that will give us cancer.
     Cancer wasn't as common a hundred years ago because we didn't live long enough to get it.  Despite our lousy diets and lack of caution, we eat better diets than even Kings in the olden days.  Our bread is fortified with vitamins. 
     I would hate to live in fear, thinking this or that misstep will cause me cancer, would spell my doom.  That thinking will stop you from going for a walk because of the fear of being hit by a car.  So I have gone my entire life thinking "not me, not now."
   Then, of course, I got it.  Been there, done that, had the 12 chemos and it almost killed me and nothing has changed.  I am still welding!  My behavior has not altered but my attitude has.  I consider each day a gift and find enjoyment in the simplest things, everything is a pleasure.  Even the hardest of things gives me satisfaction that I am able to do them.
   I didn't escape scot free with no reminder of where I have been.  I have peripheral neuropathy, a little in my feet and a lot in my hands.  I can do things with pain or not do them at all.  So, I am back welding, creating art from steel and on each occasion when I open the box of welding wire I see the printed words:
"Known to the State of California to cause Cancer". Great.
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  1. It's always going to happen to another, not to me! Cigarettes just about did me in, but while doing it I always thought... "not me"! Yes, I drink from plastic, and see warnings all the time.. and still say "Not me!" It's like Russian Roulette and yet I'd never play that game!!

  2. My mother always said 'What doesn't fatten you kills you'. I suppose an excess of anything might be dangerous! Life's a gamble, first and last.

  3. Well, I guess I'm a little more cautious than most, but I still have lots of fun with life. I know all the plastic recycle #'s on bottles and what they mean, and that 3, 6, and 7's should be avoided. I always read labels and buy accordingly. I just like giving myself a helping hand in hopefully living a healthier life. Toxins are a way of life though. Impossible to escape them all.

  4. I find it interesting StonePost that labelling such as that appears to absolve the manufacturer from accepting responsibility.

  5. That is what this is all about once they have done that they can sit back and say well we did warn you and tell you. It is therefore not our responsibility. Have a great day Jerry.

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  7. Good article. All I can add is Touche......XX Alli