Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hands Down!

 My right "bad" hand

Where did that expression come from?  Hands down?  Anyway, on a good day my hands are pretty bad.
My right hand got the worst of it and slowly I am learning to become left handed!  I just changed the bandages on my left hand and the fingers decided to bleed again, self cleaning of the wound I suppose!

 My left "good" hand with bandages!

I can't do what I used to be able to do and I am sure we all complain about that!  But I can still do things, just a bit slower, with a little more deliberation, yeah, and with some pain.  I force myself.  "Just do this," I tell myself, "for ten minutes."  Sometimes at the end of ten minutes, that is all I can take and other times it will stretch to 15 or 30 minutes, or longer, for hours.  If I am liking what I am doing the pain is sufferable, almost forgetting it at times.  Creating "Art" does this for me more than anything.  It is a huge satisfaction just getting dressed in the morning. I still can't button buttons!  I can't zip the zipper on my pants and I am waiting patiently for the fun in that!
I need "art".  I need the satisfaction of implementing my dreams, to create something that was just a thought.
I can do it in many forms.  On really good days, in my shop, working with metal.
When my hands are in rebellion I can paint, maybe
put on canvas what should have been steel.  I am a good
cook and on bad days I create art in the kitchen, if only
a breakfast for one!  The point is, art takes me outside of myself
and away from any pain and into another world.  It alters
my focus.  Focus is everything in life.  If you believe you
can't, soon enough you won't be able to.  I believe that
with all my heart. So I move forward because I believe I can.

 Here I am this morning!
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  1. Jerry, I'm late today, but here. You can and will do ...remember when you would have given anything to do what you do now?
    Your working !!! your doing !!!
    Your hair and that messy great mustache are back and you look great !

  2. StonePost do hope that wound is healing. Seem to be sufficient rivers for you to cross. Wishing you strength and wellness.

  3. Your can do attitude is one of the inspiring things about you.