Monday, May 23, 2011

Where to go from here?

I am not sure what to do with this blog, if anything.  My cancer is gone, that story, for now is over.  I want to keep this blog and my original blog which can be found HERE because it reminds me of my day to day battle
and the freight train that almost ran me over.  I find myself much like the Earth Doomsayers, pretty amazed to wake up each morning to discover that I am still alive, the world is still here and I am strong again!  I truly feel "born twice" and very lucky!  I don't feel as though I deserved to get cancer and I don't feel virtuous enough to deserve to be cured.  It is all pretty much a gambling game, a game of chance and I won!

 a Rose from my garden
My other blog is about "art" and what I do, my garden and political thoughts of the moment, so do I just abandon this one?

Maybe I will show you a "flower a day" from my garden?  That would be an easy job and I would never run out of flowers!  I must have a thousand of them.  They are everywhere, all over my garden, in thirty or so pots, built into trellis's and some seven feet in the air.
Maybe that is what I will do, turn this all over to my garden, and when it speaks to me I will let you listen in?


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  2. Jerry, a flower a day from your garden would make my world a little prettier, a little easier.
    You know I would not have met you had you not been cured because I met you just as you were 'leaving that time of your so called life"
    Where would these flowers be, where would I be with out you in this world...
    I like this saying .. read it somewhere I think . maybe you can paint a little sign .
    ~~Be quiet in the garden, and you'll hear what each flower is saying.~~ .
    I think Pamo might have read the same thing.. BJ