Thursday, March 10, 2011

What is it all about?

     Do you know someone on unemployment who may not be deserving of it?  Maybe they are using it as a paid vacation and not even hunting for work?  They might even be doing side jobs and not declaring their income!  I think we all know people like that and it is sure irritating!  It seems as if they are our working in their garden while we work hard at our jobs to support them!  It seems as though we have designed a system to encourage us to be lazy.
    There is no unemployment fund.  It is long gone.  We spent that money years ago and today every dollar
paid to the unemployed is borrowed money.  It was never really designed to do what it is doing now, supporting millions of people.  When I was an employer and had fifteen people working for me this tax was negligible, probably the smallest tax I paid and certainly a lot less than to the local public transit.  Unemployment was designed to help people in transition, between jobs while hunting for work, for short periods of time.  Now it is a lifestyle.  One can collect unemployment payments for two years!  The money is borrowed, the employee never paid into this fund and as an employer I don't think I paid more than $15 a week into this insurance!  It was only designed to be used for one in 25 employees and for a very short time.
    It is not a good thing to put on your resume.  What have you been doing for the last two years?  "Collecting unemployment and working in my garden," would not impress any company.  Two years out of the workforce is forever, so much changes.
    I wonder what "unemployment" is really all about?  There are more Americans unemployed now than during The Great Depression.  I think it is somewhere near 25,000,000 people.  The official rate is almost 10% and these are the ones collecting unemployment!  This has all become a "part of the system" now, necessary to prop up a failed State.  It is not done out of kindness and certainly as no one has really paid into it, it has nothing to do with "deserving".  Remember, it is all borrowed money.  So there has to be another reason for it, huh?
    It is all part of the Monopoly Game to this whole thing, like "passing GO and collecting $200".  It is used to continue this game.  If you stop these payments the game is over.  What this country requires is a quick infusion of cash and unemployed people spend their money the fastest.  It doesn't sit around in a bank.
Unemployment and some kind of food assistance, maybe housing help, have become the workforce of America!  Think about it.  It would be disastrous to stop it.  It is how the rent is paid and groceries are bought, gasoline purchased.  It is a huge driving force in this economy.  In my heart I know it is abused but in my mind I know it has become so very necessary.  It is not done out of any kindness, the "system" requires it.
    It is difficult to stop this process.  The problem with Government "make work" projects is that historically when the government controls manufacturing and industry and employment that leads to fascism.  Giving it away with borrowed money leads to laziness and debt. 
   Encouraging American Industry is not so much a legislative thing as it is an educational matter.  If you removed all of your clothes that were not made in America (or the country where you are reading this),
would you be naked?  If you removed the items from your house that weren't made in America (or home country), would your house be empty?  My point is we have met the enemy and it is us!  We want good jobs that pay well and buy foreign import crap made from slave labor and we wonder what the problem is?
    I have offered this challenge before and I will offer it again.  Can you go one week without buying anything imported?  Consider this a game and it is not as easy as you might imagine.  You have to read the labels.
What would happen if your very favorite store, whatever it might be, removed all imported products from their shelves?  We have the power to do this.  It might be the only power we have left.
    So, are you frustrated or do you like it the way it is?
This is what I do.


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  2. Pamo, you are right, of course, I am just complaining! I am entering this 21st Century unwillingly, kicking and screaming! Even Harley Davidson went to where? India? Maybe we will be left with Apple Pie, that is American..maybe.

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  4. Pamo, someday we will share an apple pie! I am NOT some crazed liberal sitting in a basement somewhere, I swear I am not! It is so very difficult to find out what is really going on in the world, in our country and even in my little town. I am being lied to by everyone, all the time! The headlines in our local paper tell me that the richest 198 people in the world are now over a trillion dollars richer!
    I wonder really what they pay in taxes?

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