Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Simple Solution

It is pretty incredible.  We are becoming cannibals in a fish bowl.  Little fish eating each other with no thought to the big fish about to eat us all.  We do this because we can only strike out at what we know.  We can only see a little distance, those just ahead of us on this ladder we are on.  It all becomes irrational.  We strike out at unions because they have benefits that we do not.  Unions which gave us the forty hour week.  Unions which gave us lunch breaks and paid rest periods.  Unions which encouraged benefits for those injured on the job, offered us sick pay and health benefits.  Unions which created our middle class and raised the bar for everyone.  We want to pull them down now, attempting to find some comfort in reducing them to our level.
The big fish will be happy, more food for them!  Here is a joke!
    Three guys are sitting at a table with a plate of cookies before them.  The rich guy leans forward and grabs almost all of them for himself, all but one in fact.  "Be careful," he says to the other guy, "that Union guy next to you will take most of this last cookie!"  That is what is happening.
   Greed itself has become a cancer! (You thought I couldn't get back on subject, huh?).  It is only because we allow it.  We reward it.  We admire it.  We would rather destroy our middle class than infringe on the rights of the wealthy!  I am talking the "ubber rich", wealth beyond counting, people you don't even know.
Their numbers are dwindling too.  The "rich" used to be the top 10% and now they are the top 2%, but they control even more money, almost 40% of the money available.
   This might be a fun game if we could all play it. That is not what is happening. Based on a percentage of income, these super wealthy pay far less taxes than the average fish in this bowl, and their wealth is taken out of circulation, invested, sent overseas.  It does not trickle down any more but floats away leaving us to feed on each other.
     It is not necessary to "balance the budget" through subtraction and to remove this money also from circulation makes for horrible math.  It would be so very simple.  Everyone pays the same taxes on everything.  Period.  Just that and we would have a surplus.  Why this is such a radical idea is beyond me.
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  1. I agree, I could get along with a straight across the board tax that everyone pays equally, even the filthy rich. They should have to pay something. Even those who do a lot of good with their money.