Sunday, November 10, 2013

Four Years

I had my six month check-up last Friday and am still "Cancer Free", the name of this blog.  Two more six month check ups and I will hit that special five year mark, successfully beating back the caner and its not returning.  Then, a check up once a year as I am pronounced "cured".  I am always reminded of a Franz Kafka Novel when I visit the "Cancer Center", almost any novel he wrote but specifically, "The Trial" about a guy on trial who isn't allowed to know the crime he committed.  That is how it feels on the first visit to these centers:  why me?  what did I do?
   Hodgkin's Lymphoma has a high cure rate if you catch it before it spreads, close to 90% with as little as six chemo treatments.  Mine spread, a lot.  Known as "stage four" it was in my spleen and spinal column and affected all of my lymph nodes.  I was in for a train wreck which I have described earlier on this and another blog.  I had 12 chemos, all pretty much made from left over WWI Mustard Gas (really!) and here I was, in for a check up and seeing new arrivals, waiting for "the procedure"!
You wonder as you are waiting, is it better to have the doctor find nothing or find something early?
I still don't know that answer and I hope I never do.  I left having passed the physical, the blood tests, and all of the pushing and prodding.  Nothing found...good for another six months!

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