Sunday, September 18, 2011

Corn Weather

Mid September already and we are experiencing an Indian Summer.  The days are warm and sunny with cool evenings, great for sleeping, and the best weather for corn!
   My garden was hit and miss this year with some things doing well and others not so well.  Sometimes I think of my garden as one entity and wonder why some plants do well and others don't?
   A year ago I couldn't grow a cucumber to save my soul.  They all succumbed to "damp-off" and withered as baby plants.  This year I have them all over, in abundance!
   It was a wet and colder than normal Spring and my garden began slowly, chilled by the air and wet from the rains.  Tomatoes especially hate that weather, hate being cold at night.  I planted 25 plants, seven varieties, all heirloom, and lost almost 20 to early blight, a condition encouraged by their cold beginning.
Five plants ended up doing very well despite this seasonal cold and from these alone I am getting a lot of tomatoes!  Enough to get out my food dryer and dehydrate them for future use and Christmas gifts.
These were the strongest plants, resistance to disease and prolific.  I will save their seeds for next year.

Tomato seeds are the easiest of all to save.  Just squish them onto a paper towel and let them dry. Then next Spring tear off a little paper towel with the seed attached and plant them.

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  1. Glad your gardens are well. They always seem to do as they please, no matter our intentions. I, too, find tomatoes easy to plant. Nature does mine. I just leave fallen tomatoes alone, since I plant mine in my compost bins, and each spring new ones sprout from seeds that weathered the winter. We're having an Indian Summer here also.